Thursday, November 06, 2008

Build update!

Well, I thought that the Federal Government was bad, The provincial Government nasty, but the Municipal Government takes the cake in the paper work red tape department. After being told that it will take 10 days to process the permit, I go in on day 11 since I didn't get a call to see what was going on with the permit. Here you go Jozo it was ready six days after you put it in!
Anyway, now that I have to the green light to start construction, I fire an e-mail off to the Brother to see what tools that he has. Hey, he did offer the use if I ever needed them.
So I have a schedule to follow during the build, which I find kind of funny, why? Well the basement was already framed when I bought the house and from what I know the only walls the need to be insulated and a vapour barrier placed are the outside walls, which are done! one step down, no work done! The second step for inspection is the final product, which I find funny since I'll be putting in lights moving old sockets and they are going to look at it in the end? Not during? oh well, I better get it right the first time or it will be rebuild time!


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