Monday, March 26, 2007

Goodbye for now!

Well since I've been introduced to Myspace and facebook I've been finding less and less time to update my Blog. The final blow was one of the ladies of Brockville telling me that my Blog was lame.

I guess it is time to bring this Blog back to its original purpose. To help people understand what I do at work. Thank you for your visits and please come back as I'll have some new stories this summer as I'll be touring te arctic again.

Jozo (Joe)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Well now that I have some time to update this! I will.

For Fellow Government worker you know that it is March madness is in full swing. Guess what I've been doing my usual work of getting the Search and Rescue ships ready for the season when Whoomp! I get this other project dropping in my lap! 5 boats to be fitted with all new gear, another one that needs a Radar installed. All this and I get pulled to help out on another project to change out all the gear at the remote sites! Yes it gets better I'm acting supervisor next week! The plus side, I'm making a killing in OT!

Ok, well a bit of a Murphy's Law weekend! It all started Fri night just before French class. I needed to deposit a cheque into my account. I've just enough time to drop the cheques off and run to class, guess what. two machines and both are being used by people to update their bank books! In this age of Internet why can't they do it online and print it off! Last time I checked they mailed your transactions to you! Well I get one of the machine drop the cheque off and hit end, the machine is trying to return my bank card and not being successful, after about a min I hear the card drop somewhere and the message telling me that it has timed out and to see my branch, Argh! I get home after class and go to check my e-mail, hit the power button and nothing! So pop open the computer and trouble shoot the thing, I'm hoping it is the power supply, but no, it is the Motherboard! Then while driving Thwack! a stone hits the windshield,and yes there it is a spider crack! Have to get that fixed before it spreads, now here is where my luck changed, I rolled into Speedy auto glass and it was half hour before they closed. I ask how much to fix it, $72.95 , but he informs me that the insurance companies are waving the deductible on stone chips (claimed within a week) . that puts a smile on my face. I found out later that the Motherboard is still under warranty. so not all was bad news this weekend.

Ok another reason that I'm been away is myspace and been busy with these sites and yes I can say adictive!