Saturday, May 09, 2009

Pud is at rest

My pet cat Pud is very sick and it looks like that I'll have to put her down soon as she hasn't been eating much the past week and the vet said that it could be an infection, but I've been giving her a whole bunch of pills, and she isn't getting any better.
I knew this day would come one day and tried to emotionally prepare myself for it, but it is harder to take as she has loved unconditionally these past 18 years. I'll miss her coming to bed and her purring while she lay beside me.
At 10min to 4 today Pud passed away peacefully, her suffering is at an end and my beloved pet can rest. Love you and I miss you already.

First inspection

Well the first building inspection was done Friday and it looks like it passed. He didn't have any reports to give me, but will forward it to me later.