Friday, September 07, 2007

Buying the house!

Well after going to a bunch of open house viewings to cement where I want to look for a home. I gathered up all my income statements and ran off to the bankers to see what they will give me. Before I went, I asked a few people that have bought homes and they tell me "don't pay the posted rate", "ask for lower rates" After a few banks I was getting the hang of it and they were hitting well below the posted 7.2% for a five year closed mortgage. I'm at the point of of asking what can the bank do about service fees(free), interest rates on credit cards and lines of credit(reduced rates). I love it, "I'm the client, what can you do for me!"

On the other hand the stress levels are up there as the single owner and income earner of the new place. This is a major goal that I have reached in my life and the pressure of not screwing it up is always hanging over my head. Now that I know what the range of what I can afford is, Off to the real estate agent I go. The fall is a busy time for the real estate market and a bunch of home in my price range have popped up. I was even told about a home that will go on sale next week, by a friend.

Keep posted as I'll let you know how the home buying is coming along!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Well I was watching CBC news this morning and there was this great interview with Gabriel Heskin of . I'll let his website do all the speaking, but it kind of was the straw that broke my back. We as a people speak of the need to conserve energy and help save the planet, but do we actually put our planet where our mouth is? I'll admit that I can do more as a consumer and fellow polluter, Can you? I've started to drive slower and checked my car's tires and performance to make sure that it is at its most efficient performance. I've found out that I can squeeze out 50-100KM more out of a tank of gas when I drive 10-20KM/H slower. The better option is to ride a Motorcycle when possible, the first fuel efficient vehicle, which gets 20.6KM/L of gas and this is not a hybrid vehicle, just gas! I see people drive the new hybrid vehicles on the 401 at speeds that make me look like I'm standing still while I'm doing 120KM/h. This is not way to save fuel and the planet. I ask why buy a car that will get you 4.9L/100KM of fuel economy at 100KM/h then drive at 140KM/h or more and throw all that out the window? You just spent $4000-6000 more that a regular gas powered vehicle, for what, to show friends that you have a hybrid vehicle? That you care for the planet by driving one around you'll save the planet. Yes, if I get a hybrid vehicle I could use less gas and help save the planet it raises another question in mind, how much does it cost the environment to produce this "green vehicle"? the plastic and steel are very polluting just to make then the chemicals for the batteries and circuit boards are very toxic to humans. I ask "is the cost of a hybrid vehicle worth the end result or is it just a fashion trend to be an Eco driver?"