Friday, February 20, 2009


Well it has been a while since the last updated so here is a Summary of the last few months. I found out in early November that my Father was in the hospital for a month with renal failure and that he had not been taking very good care of himself. Managed to get him back on his feet and back into his place in December.

Danielle and I then were off to Florida for three weeks at her Father's place in Venice. Had a blast there. The new long term goal for us is to buy a home down there and once I retire "no more winters for me!" The only bad time I had is when I found out that my Mother suffered a stroke, she is doing well and it was only a mild stroke. She is in rehab and looks like she'll be back at home in April.

Now that my Mother and Father were taken care of I could get going on the "MAN ROOM " project. first step, the steps. I've been afraid that the stairs in the basement would come off and I'd drop into the cellar. Bernie, Danielle's Step Dad, helped me with the stairs and were able to fix them. Next step, the corners, when the builder made the frames they forgot to include a stud so the drywall can be screwed into. Well just like an episode of Holmes on homes I kept running into more things that I had to correct before I could go forward. Step three, the laundry room, This sub room is now built and ready for the plumber, gas fitter and electrical, this weekend's tasks is building the wall to close in the furnace and hot water tank. Then I can start drywalling.

Danielle and I celebrated out two wonderful years together! I'm looking forward to celebrating many more years as well as many more grey hairs!