Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shake the rust off!

Well after reading Ryan's posts on his blog I've decided to start up the posts again!

A few things that I've been doing since the last post:

1. We've moved into our new place, after painting and a few alterations we can call it our own. Then if moving into a new place wasn't hectic enough, we threw a Christmas party for Danielle's side and my side of the family.

2. Jan and Feb were quiet months with more fix up and I was away on courses for work. March was the start of the garden planning and when April rolled around the earth was bought and the seed started while we planned for the house warming party. What a house warming party! we had 44 people in total make their way through our place during the day! We'd like to thank all who came and thanks for all the gifts. Ryan Carrie and I are disappointed in you for leaving beer behind, but Carrie's comment on "I'm full of beer " is funny as well!

3. The garden, it has taken a life of its own and many hours of moving grass, tilling soil and planting the seeds we started in April . I'll post some pictures soon on what we have made.

4 My battle with the birds! It started at Christmas with Danielle getting me a bird feeder. I love watching the bird when I walk in the forest and I guess she correctly guessed that I'd enjoy having them in the back yard. When I had the time I put it up and sat down to see what came to the feeder. Well a few weeks later it started, a chickadee and a nuthatch started coming then it grew from there, downy woodpeckers, some golden and purple finches. The day came when Danielle told me what I'd been waiting months for , Cardinals where at the feeder, but this little victory was crushed by the Starling. A nasty bird that is very aggressive, this little pest started coming and brought all its friends along. This bird was going through the feed like crazy, then the the Grackles started feeding. It was dumping the feed on the ground attracting the squirrels and the pigeons. Well since I want the pretty birds to come and the ugly ones to fly away, I've changed the feeder in hopes of driving the unwanted birds away. I'll keep this up to date for the bird lovers.

5 I've decided to stay down South for the summer and give the Arctic thing a rest as owning a house is much more work than I imagined. plus I also want to enjoy the new house as well. Have more trips showing Danielle around eastern Ontario, keep posted for the place of the month.